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collectors edition

Collector's Edition Pack

Get the best of Kritika Online, gathered all in one place! The Collector's Pack sets you up with all the perks and gear you need to carry out your exploits with style.

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Buy Now!

What's Included

Infernal Costume

A fiendishly stylish costume, only available from the Collector’s Pack! Each Collector’s Pack contains one costume (account-bound) for your choice of class.

Clockwork Weapon Skin

A weapon skin from the golden age of adventure!

30 Days Elite Status Voucher

This handy item gives you all the benefits of Elite Status for a defined period of time. You'll get additional EXP as you play, more rewards for completing Danger Zones, access to exclusive items and costumes, and much, much more!

30 Days Dye Mania

Dye your costume any set of colors you want, as many times as you want.

30 Days Dragon Bone Fishing Rod

Boost your fishing power! Fish with triple the bait capacity of a normal fishing rod, for extended fishing trips.

Rare Demon Accent Box

A loot box with a chance to contain a rare costume accent!


Your personal, powerful, fire-breathing dragon pet. Provides you with a pet that can auto-loot for you, as well as summon a larger, more powerful version of itself.

Experience Potion

It’s time to start leveling like the pros, with experience potions! Speed through plateaus and hit all new highs in enjoyment and character progression!

Resurrection Stones

No matter how hard you fall, jump right back into the fray with these sparkling golden resurrection stones, designed to put you back into the thick of things like a boss.