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The Archer Arrives in Kritika Online!

Meet the Kritika Mega-Mystery Box

New Classes Awaken

Fractured Memories and th…

Check out the next Kritika Online update for a new Danger Zone, Fractured Memories updates, and more!

Venture into the Black Market!

Check out the latest PTS update for a new Danger Zone, updates to Fractured Memories, and more!

Watch the Prodigy Stream Hop!

Follow Prodigy streams Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the code to a free Artifex costume.

The Prodigy Arrives!

A new class and a new challenge arrive in the latest Kritika Online update!

Kritika Online’s Developm…

Check out what’s coming up in Kritika Online in the near future, with our Development Roadmap!

Kritika Online Prodigy Sc…

Play the Prodigy on the PTS and submit your best screenshots by August 22 and you could win!

Preview the Prodigy on the PTS!

Check out the latest update to the PTS for a new class, new Ultimate Danger Zone, and more!