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What’s Next for Kritika: v600 Update!

by smoreceror

We’re happy to announce that you can try out the v600 Kritika Online update RIGHT NOW on the Public Test Server (PTS)!

If you missed it the last time around, our goal with the PTS is to enlist your help to ensure that we have the best update possible by the time it comes to live servers. This will let us get your feedback on potential bugs and other issues before they have a chance to impact your live characters.

v600 Update

This time around, the PTS will be available for longer than in the past, giving us even more time to play alongside you and make tweaks to the final patch.

Here are some of the v600 highlights:

  • Fishing!
  • Two new Ultimate Danger Zones: Skyship Arcadia: Central Deck and Titan’s Rage. These are similar in scope to Shattered Table and pit you against Abelard and his Titan.
  • An Arena rebalance with difficulty adjustments, class-specific leaderboards, new rewards, and more.
  • A lot of great improvements to PvP, like automatic matchmaking and increased rewards.

Head on over to the forums for the full PTS patch notes.

Future Plans

With the last big Kritika Online update of the year approaching, we thought it would be a good time to look at the Development Roadmap. We’re making an update today that fills out the Roadmap through March of next year!

Here’s what’s changing:


  • We are adding a new acquisition method for Ghostly Scales via the Shattered Table.
  • We are adding artifact evolution on some artifacts.
  • We have increased equipment drop rates from Starhenge.


  • We will be adding the Imprint System for all classes! Imprints give players the ability to specialize their character skills based on their combat style!
  • We’re kicking off the pet renewal project with some new pet features.
  • We are adding 2v2 mode in PvP and PvP season rewards. We’re also updating the PvP skill descriptions.


  • We will be increasing the level cap to 70.
  • We will introduce 2nd Awakenings. This is a new type of sub-class advancement available through quests to level 70 players!
  • We will roll out the second stage of the Pet Renewal project: Pet Gear!
  • New Competition System—This is a brand-new feature currently under development. Look for more details coming next year!

As we move into the new year, we’re putting a greater focus on big updates, with content that players have been asking for. With the greater scope of these updates, they’ll be coming a bit more slowly to ensure that we have plenty of time to hammer out the bugs and get your feedback ahead of time on the PTS, so there aren’t any game updates planned for February. Rest assured, you’ll have a chance to check it all out ahead of time on the PTS!

Check out the full Development Roadmap, then let us know what you think over in the forums. Thanks for playing Kritika Online with us this year, everyone. Keep an eye out for more information on holiday fun later in December!