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Watch the Prodigy Stream Hop!

by bearshoes

The Prodigy is here, with her two subclasses, the Elemancer and the Artifex. To celebrate her release, we’re teaming up with three of our Kritika Online streaming partners to release a code that includes a full Artifex costume for you to keep!

Join each of our partners on the designated days and times this weekend, when they will be playing Kritika Online. At some point during their stream, they will deliver a portion of a code. Once all three portions are revealed, you can enter the code into your launcher by selecting “Redeem Code,”, and a full Artifex costume will be delivered to your delivery box, where you can place it on your brand- new Prodigy character!

The schedule for these streams is:

Be sure to enter your code before Monday, September 10, 12 p.m. PDT, because after that the code will be shut off, and you won't be able to activate it any longer.

Support streamers, get free loot, and try out the Prodigy!