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Venture into the Black Market!

by smoreceror

We’re happy to announce that the next Kritika Online update is available on the Public Test Server right now!

Here’s some of what you’ll find in the new PTS update:

Explore the Black Market: A new Danger Zone, The Black Market, is now available! Access it from Windhome.
Fractured Memories Update: Tweaks to monster spawns, max level and ability level extensions, and new rewards from Maril! We believe some of these new changes will lead to performance improvements for those who were experiencing issues in Fractured Memories previously.

We look forward to hearing about your play experience in the latest update. As always, be sure to report any bugs you run into. Hearing from players early in the PTS process gives us a better chance at addressing feedback. And please remember, this is an early version of the update build, so all content and naming is subject to change. The goal here is to get the update to you as early as possible to gather player feedback!

Discuss the update over on the forums!