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Thanksgiving Events and Player Trade!

by smoreceror

We’ve got a lot of great stuff planned for Kritika Online’s Thanksgiving Event Update, coming on Wednesday, November 15. But don’t take our word for it—ask this goblin.

Thanks, goblin! Boy, that really gets me in the spirit of the season. Here are the Thanksgiving Event highlights:

  • Thanksgiving Turkeys have appeared in town hubs! Pay homage to the savory gobblers for a buff!
  • We added the Thanksgiving Chase Danger Zone. Goblins have been thieving Thanksgiving goods—reclaim your stuff!
  • Get ready for adventures aplenty with more opportunities to enter Shattered Table and no key requirements for Fractured Memories or Xanadu missions!
  • Get all the fixins by trading in Boss Souls for a variety of items, including Starhenge Gear, Evo Runes, Ghostly Scales, and Kritium Shard Boxes!

Turkeys and Thanksgiving Chase will be around through Sunday, November 26. The Shattered Table entries and key reductions will be active through Wednesday, December 13. Finally, Boss Soul trade items will be available starting Friday, November 24 until Tuesday, November 28.

In addition to a cornucopia Thanksgiving festivities, player trading will also be enabled, thanks to popular feedback! Here’s a quick breakdown on how it will work:

Trade Between Players Level 1–64 Max Level Elite
Daily number of transactions, per character 2 5 Unlimited
Tradeable Items Items up to five levels above character No level limit on any items No level limit on any items
Gold None Tradeable, up to a total of 50 million per day (ingoing/outgoing combined) Tradeable, up to a total of 50 million per day (ingoing/outgoing combined)
Kred None None None

If you’re hungry for more notes, head over to the forums for the full patch notes. We’ll be going into downtime to update Wednesday, November 15, at 8 a.m. PST and should be back up within two hours. Hope to see you around the turkey!