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PTS Awakenings, Part 2

by smoreceror

We’re happy to announce that the next Kritika Online update is available on the Public Test Server right now!

Here’s what you’ll find in the new PTS update:

Class Awakenings, Part 2: Warriors and Monks recently received their class Awakenings, upgrading them to “Noble” status. This round features Rogues, Psions, and Vamps!
Pet Gear: Upgrade your power with Pet Gems!
Etherforce: Raise your power level even higher with the third stage of Etherforce.
A New Danger Zone: A new Danger Zone is being added that you can enter during certain times of day. But be prepared for a challenge: The strength of enemies within the zone is calibrated based off your character’s capabilities! Triumphing in this zone can earn you a pet and unique title.

We look forward to hearing about your play experience in the latest update. As always, be sure to report any bugs you run into. Hearing from players early in the PTS process gives us a better chance at addressing feedback. And please remember, this is an early version of the update build, so all content/naming is subject to change. The goal here is to get the update to you as early as possible to gather player feedback!

Discuss the update over on the forums!