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New Classes Awaken

by dakota

The next round of Class Awakenings arrives with the next update on Wednesday, July 11!

But there’s a whole lot more arriving in the latest Kritika Online update. Here are some of the highlights:

New Danger Zones—Coldsnap Village and Corsair’s Cove arrive with this update. Emerge victorious and you’ll receive a title, three unique pets, and Etherforce Crystals.
New Nobility—The Assassin, Catspaw, Wolf Guardian, Psion, and Vamp all receive their Class Awakenings with this update. This updates their appearance and grants them powerful new skills.
Skill Rebalancing—All of the newly Noble classes receive skill balancing for PvP or PvE, alongside Doomblades, Fire Lords, Berserkers, and Valkyries. Imprints for multiple classes have also been updated.
Etherforce—The third force of Etherforce has unlocked!
Pet Gems—A new way of powering up your characters has arrived, by gearing out your pets!

Click here for the full patch notes. We’ll be entering downtime at 8 a.m. PDT on Wednesday, July 11, and expect to be back online within three hours.