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Meet the Kritika Mega-Mystery Box

by smoreceror

This weekend, January 19, 10 a.m. PST until Tuesday, January 22, 10 a.m. PST, the Mega-Mystery Box returns to the Daily Deals Page! The Mega-Mystery Box gives you a chance to receive some of the rarest items from Kritika Online’s past, plus the Abyssal Costume set, which can only be obtained in this box currently!

The sale is live starting Friday, December 28, 10 a.m. PST on Daily Deals, and runs until Monday, December 31, at 10 a.m. PST.

Each Mega-Mystery box will contain a single item from the below table. Items within the table drop at variable rates.

Image Item Name Description
Abyssal Costume Selector (EXCLUSIVE) Contains an Abyssal Costume set for your choice of class.
Icicle Weapon Selector Contains an Icicle weapon skin suitable for your class.
Holy Costume Selector Contains a Holy costume set for your choice of class.
Chaos Costume Selector Contains a Chaos costume set for your choice of class.
Roseguard Costume Bundle Contains a Roseguard costume set for your choice of class.
Bractholme Costume Bundle Contains a Bractholme costume set for your choice of class.
Robotic Battle Costume Selector Contains a Robotic Battle Costume Set for your choice of class.
Feathered Baby Juli A more magically-potent version of the Baby Juli pet, this version can actually speak, albeit with a childlike voice. The Fox Clan donated various items of minor magic to create this pet, which has the ability to evolve.
Shadow Devlet Pet A dark companion of shady origin.
Grand King’s Desire Grand King Piglet’s favorite item in Tokina’s Pet Lab.
Pet Evolution Capsules Use to evolve a pet directly without materials or gold.
Family Pet Ticket Use to unbind your pet from your account.
Robotic Hero Boxes Grants either a Robotic Hero Costume and Weapon Skin Selector, a Robotic Costume Selector, or a Robotic Hero Weapon Skin Selector.
Pet Crates Grants either a Legendary Pet Crate I, a Legendary Pet Crate II, or a Rare Pet Crate. Please refer to the list below this table for more information about which pets are found in which crate.
Baby Juli Pet This version of the Juli pet can actually speak, albeit with a childlike voice. While more magically potent, with the ability to evolve, this particular pet is somewhat unstable.
Steamdrake Pet Tiny dragon in an adorable waistcoat with fire-proof goggles.
Noble Vamp Chibi Pet If bats tickle your fancy, this homunculus is your perfect companion! It’s small, but suave. Summons bats to attack nearby enemies.
Noble Catspaw Chibi Pet If cats are your thing, this homunculus was made for you! Though it be tiny, it is still fierce.
Stylish Accent Box ×5 Contains a random costume accent.
Lucky Pet Potluck ×2 Contains a Lucky Pet Crate of your choice.
Mini Catspaw Bundle Contains a Mini Catspaw pet, 100 Pet Food, and a Pet Name Change Coupon.
Fixit-250 Hammer ×2 Restores 250 stability to an item damaged during enhancement.
Dye-Mania (30 Day) ×2 Use for 30 days of free dye. After 30 days, costumes dyed in this method revert to the previous color.
Pet Lab Coin ×10 Trade in pets to Tokina for these coins. Then use them for pet-related items.
[Stable] Artifact Fuse ×3 Use when enhancing a +4 or higher item to preserve enhancement level. Breaks after use.
Brilliant Pet Gem Box ×5 Contains a random average, superior, or rare pet gem.
Rare Accent Box Contains a rare accent and a Prismatoid. Get the full list of possible accents below this table.
Rare Enigmatic Emblem Box Contains a random rare or legendary emblem. Get the full list of possible emblems below this table.
30-Day Elite Status Voucher This grants you a variety of in-game benefits for 30 days!
  • Legendary Pet Crate I contains one of the following:
    • Dragoo-Goo
    • Gold Dragoo-Goo
    • Bobo
    • stelle
    • Snowflake
    • King Piglet
    • Owlet
    • Lilfin
    • Mini Enki
    • Apprentice Red Panda
  • Legendary Pet Crate II contains one of the following:
    • Dragoo-Goo
    • Gold Dragoo-Goo
    • Bobo
    • Estelle
    • Snowflake
  • Rare Pet Crate contains one of the following:
    • One of the pets from Legendary Pet Crate I
    • Dumpling Panda
    • Spookia
    • Hipster Spookia
    • Desert Froglet
    • Floaty Frog
    • Gigi
    • Lil’ Vixie
    • Red Strawman
    • Blue Strawman
  • Rare Accent Box contains one of the following:
    • Fluttering Petal
    • Enhanced Golden Bitmap
    • Enhanced Crimson Guard
    • Sizzlin’ Summer Swim
    • Crimson Guard
    • Golden Bitmap
    • Blooming, Summer Swim
    • Fluttering Snowflakes
    • Red Demon Imp
    • Red Demon Tail
    • Red Demon Wings
  • Rare Enigmatic Emblem Box contains one of the following:
    • Dark Blossom
    • Violet Blossom
    • Night Support
    • Day Support
    • Mystery Box
    • Hothead Phoenix
    • Mutinous Phoenix
    • Bastion of Health
    • Bastion of Magic
    • Star of Stars.