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Golden Gift Box 2018!

Golden Gift Boxes are now available in Kritika Online, for all your last-minute shopping needs!

Preview the Archer Right …

A new class is coming to Kritika Online! Try the new Archer class early on the public test server.

Black Friday Deals Arrive…

Looking for Black Friday deals? Kritika has you covered with EMP bonuses, Daily Deals, and more!

Kirenos Nights: Tuval’s Passion

The mysterious Tuval is searching the continent for clues and needs your help to get the word out!

Mysteries, Turkeys, and C…

Crack the case, retrieve the turkey, and challenge a new type of Danger Zone in the latest update.
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Kritika Spring Cleaning Sale Going on Now!

by smoreceror

It's time for the Kritika Online Spring Cleaning Sale! Get ready to enjoy six days of great Daily Deals, limited-time in-game deals, plus special EMP purchase rewards throughout the sale!

From Tuesday, May 15 until Monday, May 20, we’ve got unique discounts on the Kritika Online Daily Deal page. Then on Monday, May 21, you’ll have another chance to pick up the whole shebang as we put all six Daily Deals on sale, one last time!

Don’t have enough EMP to take advantage of all these Daily Deals? Hit the “Buy EMP” button in the EMP Store, and we’ll send you additional rewards based on how much EMP you buy:

Purchase Amount Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4
1,000 EMP Mysterious Key x1 Enigmatic Emblem Box x1
2,200 EMP Mysterious Key x3 Enigmatic Emblem Box x1 Stylish Accent Box x1
4,600 EMP Mysterious Key x5 Enigmatic Emblem Box x1 Stylish Accent Box x1 Lucky Pet Potluck x1
12,000 EMP Mysterious Key x11 Enigmatic Emblem Box x3 Stylish Accent Box x3 Lucky Pet Potluck x3
35,000 EMP (40% Bonus EMP!) Exclusive Flower Petal accent

Before you buy, take note that you’ll only get the rewards associated with the EMP tier you purchase. And although you can buy as much EMP as you’d like, each purchase must be a discrete transaction.