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Kritika Online v450: Halloween Update

by smoreceror

On Wednesday, October 18, at 8 a.m. PDT we'll be entering maintenance to deploy the Kritika Online “Haunted Room" Update! There’s going to be plenty of Halloween loot to keep you busy, but there are also a ton of tweaks to item bindings, drop rates, and the Xanadu side-story missions in this update.

Many of these change requests came directly from the players, so we wanted to send a huge “thank you” to you all for continuing to work with us to make Kritika Online better and better with each update! Here are some of the highlights incoming with this update:

  • A new Halloween Stage, the “Haunted Room,” will be accessible from the Danger Zone Highway! You get four entries a day and will be rewarded for your efforts with tons of ghastly gear, including cosmetics, a pet, and a title.
  • Due to popular request, we’ve increased the drop rates on several items, most notably Passkey Parts for your Xanadu missions, and Hero’s Keystones.
  • We’ve unbound most crafting materials. They’re your crafting materials, so do what you want with them!
  • The drop rates of Xanadu Sculptures, new ways to combine them to get the sculptures you need, and changes to accessory evolution costs have been adjusted for the Xanadu side-story missions. We’re still looking for feedback on this stuff, so let us know what you think.
  • You can get Hard Metal Fragments now!

Those are the broad strokes, but check out the full notes over in the forums! Remember, we're going into downtime at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, October 18 and should return within an hour. Thank you in advance for the feedback, bug reports, and for playing, everyone. We hope to have many more discussions with you all on the forums and the Discord leading up to the upcoming Psion update and beyond. I hope your Kritika Online Halloween event is all treats and no tricks!