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Kritika Online’s Summer Development Roadmap

by smoreceror

Staying transparent with the community has always been one of our goals with Kritika Online. In addition to public test servers with the next update’s content, we aim to release quarterly updates to our Development Roadmap to show what’s coming farther down the road. Today, we’re unveiling what’s coming up in June, July, and August.

This should give you a glimpse into the future of Kritika Online, and give us a chance to gather your feedback earlier, so we can better determine what the community is or isn’t looking for. 

The Development Roadmap is not a detailed listing of everything we’ve got planned, nor is it by any means final. We expect to update it as development changes. At times it will be messy, if only because features slip and move—but it’s our intent to keep you in the know each step of the way. 

Please take the time to check it out, then dive in and start the feedback! 


This month marks Kritika Online’s one-year anniversary, and we’ll celebrate with village decorations, as well as in-game events…and yes, there will be cake!

We’re also expanding Fractured Memories by 20 floors, and adding two new danger zones to the Xanadu region, both of which will drop Evolution materials and artifacts. Finally, we’re increasing the Max Critical Damage cap from 400 percent to 600 percent!


In mid-July, we’re rolling out part two of Second Awakening—this time featuring the Psion and the three Rogue sub-classes.

We’re also introducing pet jewels (accessories designed to be attached to pets) and Etherforce Phase 3.


In early August, we’ll renew and revise the skills for the Gunmage—including all three sub-classes—and updating dye colors to include black and white.

Then, in late August, we’re introducing a new character class, a new stage, new gear, and an open Gear Enhancement Max cap!

We hope you’re as excited about these developments as we are!