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Kritika Online’s Development Roadmap

by smoreceror

One of our goals with Kritika Online is to stay transparent with the community, so we try to release quarterly updates to our Development Roadmap. Today, we’re covering what’s coming up in August, September, and beyond.

This glimpse into the future of Kritika Online gives you a chance to see what’s coming, and gives us a chance to gather your feedback earlier, so we can better determine what the community wants.

The Development Roadmap doesn’t contain a detailed listing of everything we’ve got planned, and is by no means final. We intend to update it as development changes. At times it will be messy, if only because features slip and move—but it’s our intent to keep you in the know each step of the way.

Please take the time to check it out, then dive in and start the feedback!


This month, say hello to the Prodigy! A young cadet from another dimension, the Prodigy specializes in making weaponry and using elemental spells to control the battlefield. She has two Advanced Classes: the "Artifex" and the "Elemancer."

August also sees the arrives of the Endless Library, the latest Ultimate Danger Zone and the most difficult zone to hit Kritika so far!

Finally, during the month of August we’ll unveil new “Ancient” gear.

Curious about what these changes and additions look like? Go check them out—they’re on the Public Test Server right now!


Looking ahead to Q4, we’re planning to release a new class, and add the Valkyrie to the list of classes eligible for Second Awakening.

We’ve also got a new Action Stage, a seasonal event, and an expansion to the Arena.

We’ll update the roadmap with more details and specifics as we advance along the production timeline. In other words: Stay tuned!