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Ultimate Challenge on PTS!

Check out upcoming content on the Kritika Online PTS!
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Hello again, Kritika Online players!

by allm

This is US/EU Kritika Lead designer Sim, from the Allm dev team. I am happy to see you through this.

As part of PTS testing, you’ll see amazing sometimes scary things, but don’t worry too much about the PTS. The PTS is a testing ground to get opinions and test for the final live build. It ensures that your true characters get the best experience on live servers!
Thank you for playing PTS. It has helped so much.

Soon, our new update will be released on Live, opening the next story chapter of the Windhome storyline. During this chapter, Raeline is main villain of our storyline and you must stop her vile scheme. This story might not have a happy ending just yet, however. Perhaps we’ll have to travel more to reach the true happy ending.

In this update, the main event is class awakenings!

noble berserker

Five class awakenings are available in this update, Warriors and Monks. To reach your class awakening, a character reaches max level and should complete the current storyline, because each class awakening is part of the Kritika storyline. You may need to work on your Combat Rating to complete the challenges ahead. Defeat the Nine-tail, and awaken your character.

Awakened class characters have new class adjective ‘Noble’, retaining its original name. We and EME wanted to keep class branding consistent and avoid confusing new players.

Awakened classes get six new powerful skills. Of course the skills need skill point to learn. We’re looking forward to seeing your stat distribution strategies! Personally I love Star Monk’s.

Once you awaken, let’s try to challenge space-time demons. And if you feel you’re strong enough, challenge the Pirate Empress Shan. Her and her lads are as ruthless as they come.

noble doomblade

Although every Ultimate Zones is very difficult, we always have left some solution in game such as party play. Difficulty is most relevant when trying to conquer content solo. In other words, we believe the content has been balanced, though it may be tweaked, if needed. That said, you must remember the Ultimate Zone is the content made only for strongest players. Anyone can become the one of strongest players sometime. Please keep trying and enjoy it.

noble fire lord

Etherforce system is reformed. Through that, players are able to advance their power more than before. You can get most of the materials for the Force Forge through in game contents. The system is designed to grow slowly alongside future content updates. Etherforce isn’t designed to be mastered immediately – grow your etherforce power into the future!

If you want to speed the process along, you can get a boost with Whetstone IV, which has been a bit controversial due to its presence in the EMP Shop. Generally, Whetstone IV or higher is only available in the EMP Shop, but our merchandise designer, Hong, decided to grant some Whetstone IV by in-game contents. Some people objected – sales do keep the Kritika lights on, after all. Hong wanted to lean towards generosity, though. Let's praise him!

noble star monk

We have continued adjusting content to refine its identity and role in the Kritika ecosystem. Fractured Memories and Arena were adjusted through former updates. Three weeks ago the Arena extended its floor levels. Now, in a few weeks, we plan to extend FM level also. And that time the anniversary of NA/EU Kritika will be near. Thank you very much for enjoying Kritika.

Be hopeful to the other classes! We have scheduled more class awakenings following the Fractured Memory updates. A few more weeks later we will do Gun Mage ability rebalances. More details will be announced soon.

noble void monk

Please be patient on the next update. This is quintuple the speed that awakenings were released in the original Kritika(KR), where awakenings were released one at a time.

This summer, a new class will be coming. (We’re working on a voice recording plan now.)

Our dev team is doing our best with our wondrous partner EME to make our Kritika best.

Let's enjoy! And Thank you!