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Fractured Memories and Xanadu Update

by smoreceror

Kritika Online’s next update includes additions to to Fractured Memories and Xanadu, and it arrives Wednesday, June 20 (after downtime, which starts at 8 a.m. PDT).

Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

New Xanadu Danger Zones: Starting at level 65, access two new Danger Zones from Xanadu: Twisted Vineway and Invasion Point. Complete these stages for a chance at Artifacts, Evo1 Xanadu Accessories, and materials (including Spooky Amethyst Sculptures). Access both Danger Zones by completing story quests.
Fractured Memories Extension: We have added twenty new floors to Fractured Memories, so you can journey further than ever before. Plus, the cap on Fractured Memories ability points has been extended to 190!
Crit Damage Updates: We increased the cap on crit damage from 400% to 600%.

Click here for the whole patch notes, then log in and experience the changes for yourself!