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Development Roadmap Update

by smoreceror

Hi everyone! Community Manager Smoreceror here.

Today, I have the pleasure of revealing all the juicy deats on new modes and features that will be coming to Kritika Online over the next few months. That’s right, it’s time to update the Developer Roadmap! Let’s start with a look at where we’ve been so far.

In the six months since launch, we and Allm have learned a lot of lessons, and thanks to fantastic player feedback, Kritika Online is taking step after step towards becoming the best game for our players. One of our biggest lessons over the past few months was in regards to our development and release cycles—they were just too quick. While we want to get you guys new stuff to do as soon as possible, we need to make sure it’s bug free and high-quality and we just didn’t hit the mark in those first few updates. We apologize, and we promise to try to do better.

The introduction of the Public Test Server (PTS), and your feedback on it, were invaluable in making sure that we got ahead of big issues before they impacted your characters on live. It worked out so well the first time that we’re going to make it into a regular thing for our big updates from here on out.

Speaking of big updates: The Psion comes to the Public Test Server next week! We’re looking forward to your feedback and assistance with all the bug squashing.

Outside of the PTS, we’ve been chatting with you all to determine what you want more of and less of, and what players feel Kritika Online is missing in its current form. This brings me to the most exciting part of this post: the upcoming Development Roadmap!

There’s a lot of stuff coming in the next few months that we’re super excited about, and we hope you are too. Give it a read, then head over to let us know what you think in the forums! Now, time to spill the beans.

(EARLY) November (Like, really early November)

  • Rewards for PvP rankings
  • We will reveal season rewards for Fractured Memories!

(MID) November

  • Thanksgiving festivities! More details to come in November.
  • Personal trade!

(EARLY) December

  • Holiday decorations for town hubs.

(MID) December

  • As requested by players, we are introducing a per-class Arena ranking systemis!
  • Fishing! An in-town activity with various rewards for awesome anglers.
  • PvP Revision: This is going to be a big one. Basically, if PvP is your thing, we want that to be a viable way to progress in Kritika Online.
  1. PvP Matching Overhaul: We are improving in-game matchmaking to pair players of similar skill levels.
  2. Damage Calibration Recalculation: Changing up how low-level players and high-level players deal damage against each other in PvP matches.
  3. New Rewards! We want PvP to be a rewarding, worthwhile activity. To make that happen, we are adding new rewards!
  4. PvP Equipment Evolution—all sorts of new gear, optimized for PvP.

January 2018

  • We are adding Guild-based end-game activities. This will be a way for you and your guild to show that you’re far more legit than other guilds.
  • Pet Renewal: This was originally slated for October, but got pushed back in favor of the stuff coming in November and December. Pet renewal adds growth, evolutions, and new stats to pets!• PvP optimization and skill improvements.


  • The Prodigy (or “Noblia,” as some of you may know her)
  • The Monk
  • Max level raised to 70• New EX Dungeons

Consider these beans spilled. Remember, this is all subject to change based on player feedback, developer timelines, and other factors. Still, this is the current plan! I already said it, but please jump into the forums and let us know what you’re most excited for.

Thanks so much for your feedback so far, everyone! We hope you’re as excited about the future as we are. Get ready to try out the Psion next week!