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Black Friday Deals Arrive in Kritika Online

by smoreceror

Kritika Online has Black Friday deals from November 21–27.

Black Friday comes but once a year…but fortunately in Kritika Online, it lasts for nearly a week!

  • Wednesday, November 21: Black Friday Lab Coin Package—1,995 EMP
    • Pet Lab Coin ×25
    • Glittering Pet Gem Box ×15
  • Thursday, November 22: Black Friday Stylish Accent Box Bundle—995 EMP
    • Stylish Accent Box ×11
  • Friday, November 23: Black Friday Mysterious Key Bundle—2,495 EMP
    • Mysterious Key ×41
  • Saturday, November 24: Black Friday Mega-Mystery Box Package—4,995 EMP
    • 2 Rare Accent Boxes
    • 5 Very Mysterious Keys
    • 1 Mega-Mystery Box
  • Sunday, November 25: Black Friday Enhancement Package—2,495 EMP
    • 2 Enhancing Booster Scroll V
    • 300 Whetstone IV
    • 8 Fixit-250 Hammer
    • 2 Enhancing Amplify Rune I
  • Monday, November 26: Black Friday Kritika Package—7,995 EMP
    • 1 30-Day Elite Status Voucher
    • 1 Dye-Mania (30 Day)
    • 1 Appearance Change Voucher
    • 500 Whetstone IV
    • 28 Fixit-250 Hammer
    • 20 Mysterious Key
    • 5 Lucky Pet Potluck
    • 10 Stylish Accent Box Selector
    • 15 Glittering Pet Gem Box
    • 10 Enigmatic Emblem Box

Running a little short on EMP? Black Friday is the perfect time to buy! Just drop by the EMP Store from Wednesday, November 21, 10 a.m. PST until Tuesday, November 27, 10 a.m. PST to pick up bundles of EMP—and get bonus rewards just for making a purchase. Please note, you will only receive the reward from the tier you purchase.

Purchase EMP Bonus Reward
1000 ($10) Mysterious Key ×1 Pet Gem Box ×2
2,200 ($20) Mysterious Key ×2 Stylish Accent Box ×1 Pet Gem Box ×2
4,600 ($40) Mysterious Key ×5 Stylish Accent Box ×2 Pet Gem Box ×5
12,000 ($100) Mega-Mystery Box ×1 Mysterious Key ×6 Stylish Accent Box ×3 Lucky Pet Potluck ×1 Pet Gem Box ×8
35,000 ($250) Gold Inferno Costume* ×1 Mega-Mystery Box ×1 Mysterious Key ×6 Stylish Accent Box ×3 Lucky Pet Potluck ×1 Pet Gem Box ×8

* This item will be delivered to purchasing players in early December with Archer's release! It will be usable on Archer too!

DLC Discounts

We're running discounts up to 50% off on all DLC until Tuesday, November 27, at 10 a.m. PST! Get the deals here and here.