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Rise to new heights in the Windhome update, with a level cap increase, new danger zones, new gear options, and a new storyline that will lead Kritika Online where it's never gone before!

Abelard's Last Stand

To ease the transition into the new Windhome storyline, we've added an Easy stage to both Skyship Arcadia: Central Deck and Titan's Rage to help you finish off that content. Don't worry—it's still one heck of a fight, but the lower CR requirement should speed you on your way to the new content.

New Region: Windhome

Windhome is a remote encampment beset by invaders and allies alike. The Windhome storyline delves deep into Kirenos' past, and uncovers more than a few secrets that should have stayed hidden.

Join the Fox clan as you journey from level 65 to 70 in four new danger zones:

Yacharu Den

Yacharu Den: Defeat the villainous Yacharu and help bring the Fox clan home.

Dunnog's Den

Dunnog's Den: A hero's work is never done, especially when fighting evil Shamans and ancient rituals.

Stone Temple

Stone Temple: Battle your way through Perumagion constructs as you attempt to uncover the truth.

Inner Stone Temple

Inner Stone Temple: Dig deeper to save your Fox clan allies—and the world—from a fate worse than death.

Combined with the new Ultimate danger zone Eeri's Library, the Windhome update is jam-packed with enough content to satisfy any player's needs.

New Gear

As if that wasn't enough, Windhome also introduces the Dusk gear set designed with the new Prime Attribute system in mind.

Prime Attributes are a way to further customize your character. Each piece of gear you pick up in this new region will have a Prime Attribute that will particularly resonate with a specific class. Add up enough Prime Attribute points, and you'll unlock a powerful array of special abilities for your character.

Resolve: Berserker, Catspaw, Shadow Mage, Vamp, Void Monk
Finesse: Fire Lord, Assassin, Warp Mage, Valkyrie, Psion
Will: Doom Blade, Wolf Guardian, Frost Mage, Star Monk

Upgraded Gear

Good news, your existing gear is also due for an upgrade! We've added new Evo levels to a host of gear sets, and upped the enhancement limit to +19!

All of this and more is coming your way Wednesday, April 18. See you in game!